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 The Rules...

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PostSubject: The Rules...   Sun Jun 21, 2009 10:10 pm

Regular Members:

1. No illegal content or trade of illegal content
2. No advertising (unless in the Web Avertisement/Coding section)
3. No porn
4. Do not make a post with racist jokes, remarks, etc.
5. No flaming
6. You may give your opinion of the site, but don't constantly flame it
7. No spam unless in the Spamville section. Even then, no spam attacks, completely spammy topics, etc.
8. Do not post off-topic
9. Don't post like this: "y0 wAt r b up i m awWsoM m1r1te?!?!?!?!???!?!??!??!?111/1//???211gs" all the time. If it's a joke, fine; if you constantly post like that, it will be deleted.
10. No large signatures. You will be PMed that it's too big, but if you do not respond in a week, you will be warned. If you still don't make it smaller, it will all be deleted.
11. No mini-modding (acting like a staff member and telling someone that they're doing something wrong)
12. No flashing avatars or signatures.
13. Do not post in disturbing fonts or colors.
14. Do not disrespect staff members. They keep the forum clean and good. If you think they did something unfair, report it to me, and I will decide whether it's fair or not.
15. Do not post somebody elses work.
16. Do not impersonate staff.
17. If you're going to fight with a member, don't spam the topic, take it to a PM.
18. No multiple accounts. All of them (besides the first one) will be banned. Only I can make multiple accounts just for tests.
19. Do not double post.
20. NEVER EVER ASK TO BE A STAFF MEMBER. It's very annoying.

Staff Members:

1. Most regular member rules apply.
2. Don't abuse your powers. If you do, you'll be dropped down a staff rank.
3. Don't ban or do something unfair to a regular member due to dislike.
4. Administrators, DO NOT POST IN THE TRASH SECTION. You may only move necessary topics there.

Rules are sometimes updated, so check back to see if they are.
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The Rules...
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